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The design problem

How do I communicate the problem that job candidates with unusual cvs face when applying to a job?

Job seekers: I have a non-traditional background - how do I demonstrated strengths which are usually overlooked?

Potential investors: I don’t see the problem as a business opportunity.

employers/recruiters: what does this platform bring to the table that makes it worth my time?

A sketch is always a good start.


The barriers

How do I convince job seekers that this will provide a solution to their problem?

How do I convince employers/recruiters that they will get a sizable pool of viable candidates which cannot be provided by traditional job application platforms for a reasonable fee?

How do I convince investors that they will make money with this idea?


The process

Demonstrate to job seekers and potential employers that they will get what they want.

Job seeker: I have nothing to loose by signing up for the a cv that represents me as an usual candidate - for free.

Employers: I have access to potential employees which will be uniquely qualified despite non-traditional backgrounds.

Break it down into simple steps that will make both target groups sign up.


The solution

In the end it’s the seamless combination of pleasant aesthetics with convenient functionality which will bring it all to life.